Woodworking drill bits: Mfg. All Wood working drill bits and drills.Custom wood drill bits for all applications in wood working.


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Custom and Standard Tooling, for all Applications Large or Small. Specialists for Specific Needs Drill Bits or all other Tooling.


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Hss drill bits,M-1,M-2 and all other steel cuttng tools

end mills carbide,cobalt Hss

HSS Twist Drills
all metal working Tooling
Micro, Metric, Fractional,
number, letter
tapered, extra long,
over sized,
All Metal Working Tooling
and custom needs

Drills and Tooling.
micro, Letter, Number,
Fractional, Metric, specials

carbide and cobalt drilla and cutting tools


Core Drills,
Counter Sinks
custom needs

Annular Cutters

Drill Bits
Glass Porcelain

Cores- Drills -router-jig-finishing Tooling

 Glass Porcelain
Ceramic, Tile
 Custom design mfg specials. Metal bonded,
plated braze bonded

Diamond Drill
Carbon Composite
Stone Cutting Tooling
micro, core, router, pads,
disks, cnc, pcd,
plated, brazed,
metal bond routers
finger bits, drums.



Hydraulic Drill Motors
SDS and Wood Boring Motors




Drill Motors
And Accessories

Magnetic protable drill machines
Portable Magnetic Drill Motors
Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic


sds, spline, A & B taper,
extra long
custom designed


Carbide tip Masonry,concrete core drills

A & B Taper, Spline, Standard, Ratio.
custom designed

Diamond Cores
wet & dry
saw blades
core rigs
Diamond core drills  wet and dryDiamond concrete,asphault, and masonry blades

Hurricane Anchor Drills

Fusebar Reamers

Fiberglass, Plastics

Wood Working
Drills -Tooling

step drills
plexi point
counter bore
plug cutter
Cutting tools for all woodworkingCarbide and Hss Router bits for all applications

Tenon cutters

Tenon cutters all sizes

Brad Points

Brad Point  bits forll woo,d fiberglass,Composite,

Wood Augers Treated Timbers
sea walls
log home const
epee, Brazilian Wood
bridge construction.
carbide tip wood augers for treated timbers

Timber Drills
Counter Bores
Counter Sinks
utility poles
Fiberglass poles
R/R ties
wood core
special mfg needs

Carbide tip timber counter bores and auger

Shipping Information

Maintenance Welding

Alloyed. Cast Iron,
Aluminum, Steel
Brass, High Strength
maintenance welding alloy

Fractional-Decimal Convergence Chart

HSS & Cobalt
Special P

Drill Feed and Speed Chart

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Woodworking Drill Bits and Cutting Tools

Woodworking drill bits:
Wood working drill bits and wood cutting tools,
woodworking drills, wood boring drill bits.
Wood working tools for all applications.
Metric, Fractional, Decimal,
Machine Length to Extra Long Lengths.
Wood working drills, carbide auger drills, wood boring drills,
Timber drills, Forstner bits, boring bits, carbide and hss router bits,
Tenon cutters, counter bores, counter sinks,  plug cutters,
carbide hole saws, step drills, brad points, fishtail, tapered drills,
Mortise Bits, Carbide Saw Blades, Forstner bits and more.
If you don't see it call or write us.

Or manufacture it for you!
All pricing below allowable advertised price!

Wood Working Drill Bits
brad point drills bits All woodworking bits and wood working drills. Carbide tip wood working drill bits, step drills, brad point drills, forstner drill bits, router bits, counter bores, counter sinks,tenon cutters,step drills.
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If it's one or more, Call or E-mail us for price and delivery.
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Largest selections of all wood working cutting tools,
for individuals and industries, Worldwide.
We also custom manufacture tooling to your needs.
(9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM EST)
PHONE: 407-478-BITS (2487)
FAX: 407-678-7414
Wood Working Drill Bits
pricing below distributor's pricing.
 Call or E mail us!

PHONE: 407-478-2487
FAX: 407-678-7414


Wood Auger Drills
 All styles
ship, pole, double and single spur,
barefoot, brad point.
 1/8" to 2" Diameters.
**Lengths 6"to 26"
Also all Metric sizes!

wood auger drills
Hand Brace Bits
hand brace drills
1/4" to 2" Diameters x 18"

Double spur machine bits
double spur machine augers
Double spur tip
spur point drills
(Sleeper) Bits
Carbide Tipped
for railroad ties and heavy wood
1/2" to 1-1/16" diameters- 22" lengths
Socket, SDS, Splined and Standard Shanks!
railroad tie drills
carbide brad point drills
Optional Tip
Special sizes made!
For Railroad Ties and heavy timbers

Plexi-point Bits
Specially designed bits for
Plexiglas, poly ,fiberglass gel coats, andcarbon piles
Fractions, letter, numbered, metric
all diameters
plexi point drills

Solid Carbide c-3 router bits 
standard and custom mfg.

carbide routerbit setscarbide tounge and groove

router assortmentsrouter bits carbide tip

"Power Annihilator"
CARBIDE TIP wood auger drills
ship auger drills
carbide tip wood augers
carbide tipped with hardened spur,
Best for soft or hard woods,
fiberglass, composites,
heavy green woods,
For forestry, home builders,
Timber Framing, treated woods,

115 pc HSS drill sets
Mfg in Hss-Cobalt-Carbide Tipped
Fractional, Metric, Numbered, Letter
Micro Sizes from .007 decimals.
We can custom grind and mill all tooling
to your needs.

drill indexs for woods

"Timber Bits"
9/16" to 1-1/8" Diameters
30" and 40" lengths. For all deep hole drilling.
Timber wood auger bits

Brad points
and "Fish Tail Bit"
fish tail drill bits
1/8" to 1/2" dia.
Extra long brad points to 48"
hss and carbide.
brad point drills
carbide brad point

Trim auger bits
up to 2" x 18" lengths
wheel rim augers
Reduced Shank Bits
Carbide ,Cobalt, H.H.S, Titanium,
1/8"*1/4"* 3/8"* 1/2" Diameter shanks
Brad Point, Plexi-Point, Tapered, Standard, and Stepped.
Standard, Numbered, Decimal, Lettered, and Metric

HSS reduced shank drills
Planetor (wing bits)
7/8" to 2-3/4" diameters
6" to any length.

(Click on Image)
planitor/woodchuck drills

Hex Shank and Quick Loc bits
all sizes.
hex shank wood drills

Carbide Replaceable Insert Router bits

carbide router bits and tooling

Counter bores and Counter Sinks.
all sizes 1/4" up to 1-1/2", and metric.
combination counter bores
7/16-14 threaded drills

Counter-Bore and Bits
2-1/4* 3-1/4 * 9/16 * 11/16 * 13/16
adjustable counterbores

Adjustable Carbide Tip Counter bores
carbide tip counterbores
Countersinks and counter bores
Carbide tip
countersink-counterbore/drill combination
1/4" to 4 5/8" diameters
Special larger sizes made.
carbide wood boremulti spur drills

Circle hole Cutters
to 8" diameter
circle hole cutters

Adjustable Spade bits
adjust from 7/8" to 5"diameter
adjustable spade drills

Super Rotary Saw Bits
Hi- Moly tool steel,
non grabbing roller point.
Excellent for roto-zip.
Now a drill that works like a saw!
rotory saw blades
Carbide Tipped Brad Points
Individuals and in sets.
 fractional, metric, decimal, numbered, letter.
 All lengths.

carbide brad point drill bit sets
brad point Hss
Fishtail point

Stepped Drills
Manufactured and milled to your needs.
Hss, cobalt, carbide.
Used in multi diameter holes
for one step applications. call or write us with specifications needed.
 step drills
stepped brad point

Carbide Tooth Saw Blades
The highest Quality European blades
Made in Germany
7-1/4" to 14"
220mm to350mm
24 to 100 tpi
industrial saw blades

Dado Blades 8"
Adjustable, Stackable, Standard

dado blades#########
carbide saw blades

Threaded Shanks
(1/4-28 and 7/16-14)
number ,letter, fractional,and metric
standard, Auger, Plexi-point, tapered, brad point
threaded shank brad point drills

CN and CNC boring machine bits. RH-LH Carbide
4mm and up with 10mm shanks
cnc carbide bore bitsmilling router bits

Adjustable Carbide tip Boring Bits
adjust from 1-3/16" to 3-1/8"
carbide boring bits

"Fireball" Bits
Socket, SDS, spline and standard Shanks
9/16 to 1-1/16" Diameters.
to 48" lengths
Special manufactured  sizes Available!
fireball drill bits

Heavy Duty
fishtail carbide wood drills
carbide tip fishtail drills
* Carbide Tip*
For power Feed Quick Chip Removal
and Clean Holes at high rpm's
Hard Woods* Treated Wood* Plastics * Fiberglass*
Bit Pictured 1-3/4 " X 9" 3/4"

Router Bits
carbide and diamond
individual and sets.
cabide router bits

1/4 or1/2 shanks.
set includes:
flush trim, dovetail, "V' groove, core box,
round- over, cove bit, chamfer bit, roman ogee.

Hex counter sink/pilot bits.
hex counter siinks

Fixed and Adjustable
all sizes standard and metric
wood counter sinkscountersink/drill combinations
complete sets
countersink/drill bits sets

Multi Step Bits
1/8" to 1-1/2" dia.

multi step bits

Multi -Cutter Tooth
Counter bore / Drill
Railroad Ties
Plastic Coated ,Treated ,
as well as Green Timbers.
Both Counter bore and tip are carbide.
Made to order sizes,
for both length and diameter
carbide counterbore/drill bits
Six Pc Precision Carving sets
hand carving tools

Hand Held Tenon Cutters
3/4" to 3 " diameter tenon
can cut up to 5 1/2 "diameter logs
1/2" and 3/4" shanks
single and double blades

60 and 45 degree angle
tenon cutters.
Cuts 1" to 3 " diameters
to handle up to 8"diameter posts
provide opposite angle for tenon
taper Counter sinks

Wood Reamers all dimensions

wood reamers
Flex bits
self feeding ,hole at tip
1/4" to 1" dia..
lengths to 72"
flex bits

Long boy bits
(up to 72" lengths)
standard ,metric, numbered, and decimal
all diameters,

long boy drill

Mortise Chisels and Bits
( Square holes )
1/4"-5/16"-3/8"-1/2"-5/8"-3/4"-1" sizes
mortise chisles

Mortise Chisel Jig kit
for Drill Press

mortise chisle jigs

Spade (Paddle) Bits
up to 1-1/2" Diameters
spade bits

Quick Lock 1/4" Hex shank bits.
1/16" to 1/2" by 64ths.
Brad point from 5/64ths to 1/2"
hex bits


"Ultimate Aggressor "
Heavy Duty
Carbide Tip Wood Auger Drills
carbide tip ship auger drills
Power auger flute design
gives the Penetrator the ability
to drill faster than ordinary steel augers.
Milled from a solid piece of steel.
Because of it's rugged construction
and tip design.
The Penetrator is able to accept
the high torque and high R.P.M.loads
generated by today's most powerful
drills and impact wrenches.
9/16" * 11/16" * 13/16" * 15/16"
* 1-1/16" * 1" * 1-1/8" * 1-1/2 *to 3"diameters
up to 144" lengths
for treated or green lumber , or forestry
Socket, SDS, Splined, and standard Shanks

All (Dowel) Plug Cutters
(self ejecting)
1/4 to 2" dia..

barrel plug cutters

Four Flute Plug Cutters
1/4" to 1-1/2"
4 flute plug cutters
plug cutters

Tenon /plug cutters
3/8" to 2" diameters 6-1/4 depth
Plug Cutters

Drill Index's
from .020 to 2".
Metric and standard.
drill bit indexes

Hole Saws
standard and metric
Carbide Tipped and Bi metal
9/16"to 24" diameters
unlimited depths.
hole saws

"Vix" Bits
(Door and cabinet hardware installation bits)
all sizes!
vix bits

Carbide Hole Cutter Bits
carbide hole saw annular wood cutters carbide
Plumb and multi-Spur Bits,
1" to 4-5/8" diameters
plumb bits

5/8" TO 2-1/8"

Clam Shell- Forstner bits
forstner drills
1/4" to 3-5/8"dimeters
10mm to 50mm diameters
forstner drill sets
Sets 7,and 17 Pc
1/8" to 2-1/8 " diameter.
carbide tipped,
also titanium coated

Glue Applicators
glue applicator kitglue applicator
Measuring tools.
caliper angle measuresmeasuring kit
strait edge measurement tools
Double ended Feather Board
knife Hones, Jig Fixture
honey combjig fictures
Two, Three, and multi  Wing counter bores
Carbide and non carbide Tipped
Designed for Large and deep hole
aggressive timber and frame drilling.
Up to 5" diameters, up to 10' Ft. lengths.
carbide counterbores

Lathe tooling. Rests,
Centers, Chucks.

lathe dead centerslong lathe tool restlathe tool rests
Glue Applicators
glue applicator kitglue applicator
Measuring tools.
caliper angle measuresmeasuring kit
strait edge measurement tools

Thomas Flinn Pax Gent Saws
flinn wood sawsflinn finishing sawsflinn saws

Spoke shave and hand planes.
hand planetrim plane
hand planeedge plane


Brass Mini Planes and
Multi Edge Honing Guide.
brass mini plane  honing fie guide
Cabinet Scraper sets
cabinet file kitscabinet files
Pruning Saws/ Pax Hand Saws
prunnung sawsflinn saws




If your looking for any wood working cutting tools or bits,
we'll have them!
Stocked in all sizes and lengths!
We will also manufacture Specialty bits for you!

Phone: 407-478- 2487
[9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm EST USA]
Fax : 407-678-7414 (24 hrs)

Metal working drill bits

Welding alloys

Masonry drills

Concrete Drills



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All Wood drill bits: All Wood working drill bits and wood cutting tools,
wood working drills, wood boring drill bits. Wood working tools for all applications. Manufacturer.
Advantage Drills

Wood drills

Advantage Drills Inc.
All Wood drill bits: All Wood working drill bits and wood cutting tools, woodworking drills,
wood boring drill bits. Woodworking tools for all applications. Manufacturer.
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